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Mar 29, 2011 11:00pm EDT
are outgunned and may not be able to take another city. the question before president obama now, should be our u.s. arm the rebels? >> i am not ruling it out or in. >> we will have more from the president in a one-on-one interview with brian williams later in this hour. the air starks' targeted tripoli tonight. 22 tomahawk missiles. the largest air assault in recent days. the defense department says the price tag for u.s. taxpayers so far is about $550 million. that is expected to run about $40 million more over the next three weeks. hillary clinton today called this a turning point in libya when she was in london. she met with one of the rebel leaders. what are you seeing on the ground in libya? >> i still can't get over that number, $550 million to destroy tanks from the air. i don't understand how the price tag gets so high so quickly. it could look like a turning point on the ground, but for gaddafi's forces, he is crushing the rebellion. horrible reports emerging. here in the east, his troops began a counteroffensive, erasing many of the gains they had accomplished. >> at times today the rebe
Mar 28, 2011 11:00pm EDT
congress to continue to be involved. nancy pelosi said u.s. action will be strengthened by consultation with congress. last week a lot of them spoke under the democratic side were critical of president obama for not briefing congress in regards to what the mission was in libya. they feel on the democratic side more aware of what that is and want to be briefed regularly. secretary of state hillary clinton will be beyond with the foreign relations committee. they expect a lot of questions to her, but in terms of setting a precedent for the democratic party to believe in, president obama did accomplish that goal. he did not satisfy republicans at all. one interesting caveat i will say, senator john mccain, the president's opponent actually said he enjoyed hearing president obama clearly state what the policy was in libya. he remained shall we say unaware of how gadhafi would be removeed from power. he would like more information about that, but supportive of what the president's actions were there. john mccain maybe going back to the maverick style by being more supportive of president oba
Mar 30, 2011 11:00pm EDT
is the brains behind the lockerbie bombing, but he also helped the u.s. fight al-qaeda. now, on the ground in libya, gadhafi's troops in libya continue to drive back the rebels. the rebels pulled out of one oil-rich town and are now on the move within heavy rocket attacks within ten miles of another oil town, brega. in syria, protestors called for new demonstrations after president rashad dashed hopes for reform. he took a hard line and blamed the unrest on former conspiracies. here's how it all played out on the airwaves today. >> it was a cake walk for a couple of days until those rebels hit about 60 miles east of cerd, that called wall of fire. they said if you don't give us air strikes, give us better training and better weapons. they indicate there are levels of islamic radicalism within the rebel movement. >> why would we want to strengthen al-qaeda's hand in south africa? >> rampaul continues to attack president obama over his decision for an enforcement of a no-fly zone over libya. >> i'm appalled. he shirked his responsibility. >> the president had rampaul's consent before he deci
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3